Green Products

The energy we currently use comes from fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil, and nuclear. These energy sources are very dangerous to the environment. They create pollutants that harm the air and the water. When you use these energy sources, there is nothing to stop the destruction.

All fossil fuels are finite and the more we use them, the less they will be available. The future is going to be bright only if we start using renewable energy sources. We need energy sources like wind, solar, and water to provide the standard amount of energy that is needed for daily activities.

There are many renewable energy sources, but the most well-known is the sun. The sun provides us with an unlimited energy supply, although it takes a lot of energy to get the solar panels to work. A lot of electricity can be produced by using photovoltaic cells. This makes use of mirrors to reflect the sunlight onto the cells, and the cells turn this power into electricity.