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Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?10 min read

February 7, 2021 8 min read
Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?10 min read

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Are you looking for information that can help you save lots of money on energy? What if we tell you that there is a program that may help you create your own energy source? This will surely allow you to save lots of money on bills. Read this comprehensive Power Efficiency Guide to learn more information on that.

Program TitlePower Efficiency Guide
AuthorMark Edwards
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Power Efficiency Guide?

Power Efficiency Guide is an online program that will help create your own energy source. Doing that yourself will result in paying much less for energy. You may think that it is too difficult or even impossible, but there are lots of positive reviews on this guide.

Also, there is nothing complicated and you do not need any special knowledge because you will get clear step-by-step instructions on how everything should be done. Moreover, you will not have to invest in solar panels or other expensive things designed for energy saving.

Once you purchase this program, you will also obtain three bonus programs. This is how you will get even more knowledge of the program. Additionally, you will obtain a list of tools and materials that you will need to use.

It is possible to opt for a free download of this program. Read it on different devices ranging from PCs to smartphones. All the content, including texts, pictures, diagrams, etc. has been carefully categorized into chapters so you will find it easy to follow the instructions.

About The Author – Mark Edwards

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?
Mark Edwards – Author of Power Efficiency Guide

This program has been created by Mark Edwards. You may believe that he is a person with many years of experience in the electrical or engineering field, but Mark is an ordinary geography teacher. He did lots of research to prepare this guide.

There is an interesting story behind this guide. During one winter in the State of Tennessee, a natural disaster led to a terrible power outage. Mark and his family members were literally freezing during cold nights. Local powers could not help the situation out.

Mark decided that that situation will never happen to his family again, and this is how he started to work on designing his power of energy source. Obviously, it was not a simple thing for a geography teacher, who had only basic knowledge of electricity and energy. Mark started to gain his knowledge from various sources, including his close friends.

What The Program Contains

The program consists of several parts, each of which is important to create the source of power energy yourself. The materials are provided in different forms because people have different perception capabilities. The detailed info on each of them can be found below.

Learning Videos

You can watch video tutorials that will make the learning process as simple as possible. While instructions are detailed, it is always good to have video materials. When watching the videos on how to build a generator, you can make notes of the most important details.  There will also be information about the materials required to build your generator.

While the video provides clear information, be careful to watch everything from beginning to end because if you miss a single step, you may have problems with understanding the next content. Even if you prefer to read the text, it is still recommended to watch the video because this will give you more insight into the assembling process.

PDF Guides

This is where you will find detailed instructions on how everything should be done with pictures, diagrams, and other helpful information. A PDF file is very easy to work with. Also, this file will be available for you even without any internet connection. It would be useful to combine both videos and PDF materials because this will make every step as easy as possible for you.

Material List

In this section, you will find comprehensive information on all materials that you will need to use in your work. So remember to purchase them all before you start building your source of power. However, it is good to know that building your generator does not require lots of materials. Also, it will not be expensive to buy them especially considering how much money you will be able to save after. In fact, you will spend less than on a new generator.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?

Main Components Of This Guide

Check out the list of the main components included in this guide.

DC Motor 12volt

It is sold in many land-based and online stores. This will be the heart of your new generator. What it will do is to change electrical power into a mechanical one. The conversion is conducted with the help of magnets.


You need this tool to store energy. In this guide, you will find comprehensive and interesting information about this element and its function.


The responsibility of a rotor is to hold magnets. Each rotor is a steel plate, and your generator will need two of them. You will place magnets around them at the same interval. They should be sealed with a special liquid which is mentioned in the guide. You will also learn what type of magnets you will need to use and how to place magnets properly.

The Generator

The buyer will need to perform a few actions before one can start assembling his or her generator. Each of them and all further actions are fully described in the guide. Once you have it assembled, you will be able to generate electricity.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?


An alternator is needed to turn the mechanical energy into electrical energy. When creating your generator, it is recommended to purchase an alternator capable of converting high power voltages. This will allow you to provide enough energy for your household. If you have a poor alternator, it will bring you only problems. Another thing to pay attention to is that it should not frustrate you with too much noise.

The Inverter

You will need to use this one during the assembling process. This powerful tool will convert the direct current into an alternating current. However, you should note that this tool will not provide any extra power.


A battery is a very important element of your generator. This is where electricity for further use will be stored. It is recommended to pick batteries that come with capacitors because they allow for quicker recharge and discharge.

The Switch

This element will help you control the work of your energy-saving device. In the guide, you will find comprehensive explanations of its functions.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?
Power Efficiency Guide – Table of Contents

Program Features & Benefits

There are many features and benefits of this program that you should learn about before deciding whether it is good for you or not.

There Are Comprehensive Approaches

Every single step and each tool will be fully explained in the guide. There will be no questions left after watching videos and reading the PDF file. Detailed drawings and illustrations will also make it easy to understand every requirement. Also, it is a fully safe approach so you should be worried about any potential dangers. Each component is environmentally friendly, so there will be no emission affecting your health.

Build Your Power Source

The guide will help you build a power source that you can use in your household. Once you assemble the generator, you will start saving money on energy right away. The process will not take you a lot of time and you are not required to have any special knowledge to do that. As a result, you will have plenty of energy to power TV, refrigerators, and other heavy-duty appliances.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?

Required Electrical Supplies

Every chapter in this guide is dedicated to building an energy source. The information is broken down into several sections to allow you to gain knowledge gradually. Also, each of them includes information on certain tools that you will need to use in your work. Remember that you will have the list of tools that you will need to use in your work.

Saves Time And Money

This program allows you to save plenty of time and money. Eventually, you will build a natural energy source. It will be a decent alternative to the traditional costly sources of energy, such as gas and solar energy. All of the materials that you can use in your work come at reasonable prices. During your work, you will need some tools and electrical supplies. Each of them can be easily found at stores.

After completing your project, you will significantly reduce electric bills and consumption. One of the best parts of this project is that you will be able to complete everything in a hassle-free way.

How Much Does The Power Efficiency Program Cost?

This author currently charges $49 for the guide. Remember that you may also find a discount offer that will allow you to save even more money. Another great thing about getting this product online is that you will not have to wait for its delivery and pay anything for shipping.

When it comes to the question “Is power efficiency guide legitimate?” the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you cannot handle it even with all those clear instructions, you can ask for a refund. In simple words, there are no risks associated with this purchase. More than 80,000 customers have always bought it and remain satisfied.

Power Efficiency Guide Review – Worthy or Scam?

Verdict – Can You Save Money on Power Efficiency Guide?

So, does the power efficiency guide really work? The book by Mark Edwards allows building your own energy source quickly, easily, and cheaply. The chances are that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase as hundreds of thousands of other buyers. The instructions come in different forms and allow getting a clear idea of every step without any problems.

Forget about your worries about electric power outages. Enjoy energy independence! The price for the guide is reasonable for any budget. The product has been tested by more than 87,000 families. Also, you do not need any special knowledge and the assembling process is hassle-free. All in all, if you are looking for a way to build a generator, allowing producing energy for your household needs and decreasing your bills, then this guide can surely be recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Power Efficiency Program Work?

This guide is not based on the hoax or assumption but on the spinning principle technique, which is also used in electric cars. Multiple positive reviews confirm the effectiveness of this program.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee On Power Efficiency Guide?

Yes, you can have your money back if there is something that you are not happy about. All in all, you have 60 days to ask for a refund. That is more than enough to test the program.

Is Power Efficiency Guide Worth Your Money And Effort?

According to calculations, people on average can save $1,600 per year. See yourself whether it is worth your money. Considering that you will need to spend a minimum of your effort when following step-by-step instructions, it is also worth trying.

How Much Does The Collective Program Cost?

The current price for the guide is $49. It seems to be a good investment, considering that the usual retail price is $149 and you will be able to save lots of money after building your generator.

Is Power Efficiency Guide Legit Or A Scam?

According to Mark’s records, the program has already been used by more than 87,000 people. Only 10 power efficiency guide complaints have been recorded by the author. That is a good result, so we can conclude that the program is really effective.

Where Can I Download The Power Efficiency Guide For Free?

It is not a free program, so you will need to buy it first. Once you do this, you will also get bonus programs.

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