Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience7 min read

February 7, 2021 6 min read
Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience
Richard Barry

Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience7 min read

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Read this honest Everstryke Match review to find out lots of helpful information on this device and how to use it. Accessibility of fire and/or light can not only provide convenience but may be vital in critical situations. You will learn how it works, info on the Everstryke match vs Zippo, whether this match is a scam, how much it costs, and more interesting info, so just keep reading this review.

Program TitleEverstryke Match
AuthorFamily Protection Association
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Everstryke Match?

This is a tiny device that allows getting fire and light in all weather conditions. You will surely like this waterproof fire starter that is especially useful in an emergency. It is a rather simple product that will last for a long time. In order to make it work, the device must be filled up with fuel.

Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience

Who Is The Creator?

The matches have not been created by a single person. A whole team of the Family Protection Association was working on its creation. The people from the Association are experienced survivors. This means that you can be sure the matches have been designed by those who understand all of the difficulties of getting flame and light when outdoors.

Everstryke Match Review

Everstryke Match comes with an o-ring that can be easily attached to your zipper, key-holder, etc. This makes it very easy to carry the device. Thanks to its small size, it is highly portable.

As for the reasons to prefer such matches over lighters, there are several of them. The main advantage of this match is that it does not have to be completely dry to work. Also, it provides you with a strong flame that will last for enough time to create a fire. You can use it as a flashlight at night as well. All in all, this device is suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to be prepared for emergencies at any time.

Another product that you might want to consider is Everstryke Match Pro Lighter. Both devices have similar properties, but the lighter is just an improved version of the match.

Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience

Tips for Using the Match

You can watch video instructions on how to use the match, including wick replacement, adding fuel, and more. Now, you can check out the useful tips on that:

Step 1

Choose proper fuel to fill up the device. Now you need to leave the match for a few minutes to allow for absorption of the lighter fluid. Avoid filling the canister fully. The maximum level to fill the device up is 75%.

Step 2

Now, it is time to start using the device. Remove the striker from the canister first. Holding the canister, you need to drag the strike downward over the Ferro rod attached on the side. Basically, you will do the very same moves as when lighting a match.

Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience

Step 3

Once you get the flame, blow out the match. Always carefully check the tightness of the device to avoid any leakage.

How To Fill A Capsule Lighter

To fill the match, remove the internal cylinder first. Now, you need to take lighter fluid and carefully fill the housing. Remember to leave enough room inside of it. Then, carefully re-insert the cylinder.

Benefits of the Everstryke Match

You surely want to know all the benefits that you will get if you order the product. They include the following:

Awesome Design

You will get a device with a pretty creative design. It will be not only a very useful but also stylish thing to carry around with you.

Strong Flame

Standard lighters produce a weak flame that you can use for a few seconds. Everstryke matches will provide you with a strong fire that you can use for a much longer time without any problems.

Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience

It’s Water Tight

If it is raining or your device falls in the water, do not worry. It will keep working as usual. Traditional matches and lighters will not do the same. Everstryke match is a fully waterproof device that you can rely on in any weather conditions. Also, it has a stainless steel body, so sinking in water will not damage it.


Emergencies can happen at any time, and a survival lighter may be exactly what you need to manage such situations. Everstryke match is packed with all the necessary features, which allow using it no matter what.


You will be able to use this device for at least 15,000 strikes. That is more than you will likely need in an emergency. One of the best things making such a device better than other lighters is that its fuel will not evaporate quickly. This is probably ensured by smart design and on-ring that seals the housing.

Easily Portable

Due to its very small size, the match is very easy to hold, store, and carry around with you. You can easily attach it somewhere, in particular to your keychain, to prevent it from losing. This is how you will ensure that you will always be able to use it.


As soon as you learn how it works, you will be able to use it without problems. You will quickly understand how simple and hassle-free it is.


As for the disadvantages of the device, they include:

  • You cannot order more than 10 matches;
  • All the bonuses attached to the offer are only available in a digital form, so you will need an internet connection to use them;
  • You should store this device away from children for safety purposes.
Everstryke Match Review – Hands-On Experience

Everstryke match vs zippo

Compared to Zippo, Everstryke match has the following advantages:

  • It is waterproof;
  • It provides a stronger flame that will last for a longer time;
  • Due to smaller fuel evaporation, it outlasts a Zippo by a month or so.

The Bonuses

Along with the match, you will also get two bonuses, including the following:

  • “Ultimate Survival Skills.” It is an eBook that contains helpful guidelines on surviving even in the most dangerous places;
  • “Everstryke Match.” It is a free online course that will show you practical ways to protect yourself in emergencies.

Everstryke Match Pricing

This product is available for free. Can you believe it? Please note that the usual price for such a product is about $15. So, what is the reason for just giving it away? The thing is that this is the way for the Family Protection Association to become known and attract people to their community. You will only need to pay a few dollars for delivery.

My Verdict

The three essential things for survival in emergencies are shelter, water, and fire. Thanks to the Everstryke match, you will always be provided with the latter. It is a very simple, convenient, and effective device that will allow you to get flame and light in any condition.

It really works, and you can find plenty of reviews proving that. Considering that you can get it for free, there are no reasons not to opt for the matches. Remember that it is a time-limited offer, so do not miss your chance to get this device.

Buy Everstryke Match NOW!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?

If you like various outdoor activities, then you surely have to give this device a chance. Eventually, you can get it for free and pay just shipping cost of a few dollars.

What material is Everstryke Match made of?

The matches are made from stainless steel. This makes it waterproof and durable.

Does it come with the lighter fluid?

No, lighter fluid is not supplied along with the product. You will need to buy it yourself depending on which brand you prefer.

What makes this unit any different from other commonplace lighters?

You will enjoy a much more powerful flame. The device is also waterproof and can work in different weather conditions.

Is Everstryke Match Book a Scam?

The device perfectly works, which has been proven by a wide range of reviews that you can find on the Internet. Remember that you will only need to pay a few dollars to get it.

What If I Don’t Like Everstryke Match?

Well, the product is available for free, so you will not have to pay anything for that. You will just pay about $3-5 to get it delivered. If you do not like it, just do not use it.

Is the Everstryke Match Legit?

It is an absolutely legit product. You can use it at any place at any times with no worries.

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