Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?8 min read

April 3, 2020 7 min read
Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?

Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?8 min read

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Physical and sexual assaults almost always occur at night. It does not matter if you are a twelve-year-old girl or a forty-year-old man. Assailants are all about opportunity, and there is more than enough opportunity on a dark night along quiet or busy streets and alleys.

Program TitleShockwave Torch
AuthorConcerned Patriot
Money Back Guarantee90 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is the Shockwave Torch All About?

Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?

To make sure you can effectively see and protect yourself, there was a need to develop both a flashlight

(a.k.a., “torch”) that was bright enough to see in the darkest corners and a means to adequately defend yourself against assailants. Thus, this particular device was designed to protect you in three ways; very bright LED light, piercing alarm, and an emittance of an electrical charge that will temporarily immobilize an assailant.

Who Is the “Author” of the Shockwave Tactical Torch?

Less focus on “author” and more focus on designers and developers tells you the extent to which this torch has been created for specific purposes. A company called “Concerned Patriot” claims that this military-grade torch is their very own creation. While there are definitely copycats out there, there are none that are exactly like this one. Only this particular company has the right to refer to their device as the Shockwave (self-defense) Torch. All of the copycats are forced to refer to their products as something else.

Overview of the Shockwave

The head of the device contains sharp beveled edges that can be used to gouge and slice an assailant. Its heavy and damage-proof construction makes it useful as a battering instrument as well. When you want to use the shockwave’s built-in powerful and shocking electrical charge to stun your assailant, you can turn off the safety switch on the device, push a button and let it emit its charge.

Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?
NAVY SEALs Are Using Tactical Torch

A burst of electricity moves through the metal beveled edges to the assailant’s body. For it to be effective, the torch has to make physical contact with the body. It works best if you can get the torch to touch closest to the heart.

One Product Specific You Need to Know

The torch has 2 amps or 4.5 million volts. It is enough to stop someone’s heart if they are exposed long enough. While it can be used to save yourself against an assailant, it can also save someone else’s life who needs a defibrillator but none are nearby. It is both a weapon and a tool to save lives, so long as you keep it charged and ready for use.

Maximum Output800 Lumens(ultra-high output)
Runtime>100 000 Hours
Weight4 Ounce
SwitchQuality Tested Metal
Dimension5 Inches x 1,5 Inches
Stun Light2 Amps or 4.5 million Volts

Order Shockwave Torch Now

It comes with a charging cord for both wall and car charging. Batteries are not sufficient to produce the necessary charge during electrical defense use of the torch as a weapon. Check to make sure this torch is fully charged every time you take it with you outside, and if you ever have to use it as a defense weapon, be certain it is ready to defend you to the fullest.

How Does the Torch Work? Is It a Scam?

All features of this torch are fully functional. The discharge of electrical power comes from the rechargeable battery that expels all of the electrical energy when this feature is activated. It does mean that your torch will be completely dead and unable to light your path after discharging it. However, if you have successfully managed to render your assailant immobile, then it was worth it. You can still use it as a weapon and charge it up again later.

As for being fake, there is nothing fake about this torch. It is exceedingly bright; you only have to turn it on to see that. The beveled edges are indeed very sharp; you do not want to intentionally touch these to find out how good a defense feature they are. There is definitely an electrical charge; you can hear it the minute you flip the safety switch off. It is NOT a toy, so never let anyone under the age of eighteen play with it or use it like a regular torch!

Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?
How Does the Shockwave Torch Work

Shockwave Torch Pros and Cons


It is inexpensive, lightweight, and you can carry it easily in your purse or in a pocket. The attached wrist loop allows you to carry it hands-free too, in the event that you want to keep the torch close but you have to carry other things in your hands at the same time. The torch’s bulb lasts an exceedingly long time so you will not have to replace the bulb anytime soon. This product is considered one of the best tactical devices you can purchase.


You have to keep the device charged all the time for it to be at maximum effectiveness. The beveled metal edges will have to be cleaned very carefully (after the police have returned it to you) with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol and you will have to avoid cutting your own fingers in the process.

If you fail to keep the safety on while you are using it as a torch, you could accidentally jolt yourself (similarly to cleaning a gun and forgetting to keep the safety on and the barrel pointed away from yourself). Because it is very much a weapon in addition to being a lighting device, you have to keep it locked up in a gun safe or other security measures to avoid any chance of children getting their hands on it. Finally, there are almost a dozen states that forbid you from owning this device. You will have to check with your state to see if it is legal or illegal to own this torch for self-defense purposes.

Who Should Purchase Shockwave Torch?

Anyone who lives in any state where this torch is legal and who may be at risk for assault. For example, a thirty-something woman who works late at night and has to cross through a poorly lit neighborhood should definitely carry this torch. Assailants typically choose victims between twenty and forty-five years of age, but that does not rule out young adults (18-19 year-olds) and older adults who may be out walking the family dog or running a late-night errand. For anyone, the most affordable torch for the best defense is this one.

Shockwave Torch Review – Worthy or Scam?
The Shockwave Torch Is A Superior Self-Defense Weapon

My Verdict

You can use this torch in so many ways. It is a fully functional torch, a fully functional assault weapon, a fully functional “tazer,” and a fully functional life-saving device all in one. The truth is, there is so much value to be had in this device that the small price you pay for it is completely worth it. The old adage of “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” is very true of this torch.

Additionally, you are less likely to kill someone using this torch to defend yourself. Remember, the idea is to immobilize your attacker, not kill him or her. That puts you in the personal defense position should you come face to face with the police and possible charges for using a weapon. It is safer legally to use a weapon for protection than a weapon that actually kills. While this device technically could kill, it would require you pressing the device to the attacker’s chest for at least ten seconds to receive the full blast of the electrical discharge. You also do not need a permit or a license to carry this torch. For a gun, you do.

Order Shockwave Torch Now

A single Shockwave comes fully equipped with a carrying pouch, charging cords, and accessories you may find useful. It is commonly sold for just under thirty dollars, a steal considering what you would pay for a separate torch, a separate knife, and a separate tazer just to match the unique features in this one device. In fact, you could easily purchase a half dozen of these torches online for what it would cost to buy all of those items separately. The convenience of being able to carry all of these items in just a single device makes it the ideal personal defense item of choice. That is my verdict on this Shockwave Torch review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shockwave Legit?

Yes, it is legit. There are plenty of videos of the torch in use so that you can see what it does and what it can do to an assailant. It does not look like much, but it is very dangerous if and when you should need it to be.

What Makes It So Unique?

It has “teeth” on the head of the torch. These are the dips and flat edges that are equipped with razor-sharp bevels. The electrical discharge is unique to this torch only. No other torch has it.

Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?

Look at this way; is it worth your well-being and safety to go out on a dark street with nothing to defend yourself? Is it worth the loss of your time, and possibly suffer trauma or PTSD from an attack when you could just purchase a torch of this caliber for less than a consult with a doctor in an ER? You don’t have to learn any major defense moves either. Just familiarize yourself with how the torch works, and carry it with you.

What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied with the Shockwave?

If you are not happy with your purchase, most sellers will take it back and refund you. If the torch fails you for any reason, return it.

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