Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?9 min read

February 8, 2021 7 min read
Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?9 min read

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If you are looking for a versatile tool that allows you to stay safe in various situations and enjoy great functionality, then check out this Strike pen review. Generally, being provided with such a tool can make a positive impact on your life. You can hear from the news about all those crimes that happen every day. How are you going to protect yourself? Of course, you can sign up for a self-defense course or something else. However, it is always better to carry something with you that you can use in dangerous situations.

A strike pen (Strikepen) may be the right product to use for survival. If you want to find out more interesting information about this tool, how to use it, what its benefits are, how much it costs, how to get it, and more, then just keep reading this article.

Program TitleStrike Pen
AuthorApe Survival
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is a Strike Pen?

It is a discreet tactical tool that looks like a pen. In fact, you can also use it as a pen… and as a lethal weapon. It is tiny like all pens, so it is portable. Being built from durable yet lightweight material, it will likely serve you for a long time. As you can see, it is a physical product and not just online instructions on how to stay protected.

Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

What Are the Prominent Features of the Strikepen?

The best features of this product are the following:

  • The Material. The pen is made of a milled alloy used in the production of aircraft;
  • The design. The pen is small and elegant. It is convenient to use it against the attacker who will suspect nothing. Also, the smart design of the pen allows for excellent grip;
  • The DNA collector. There is a crown mounted on one end of the device, which allows collecting DNA when used correctly. This will help to identify the attacker.

Strike Pen Review

There are many reasons why you should purchase a strike pen. Self-defense is just one of them. Do you still doubt whether you need this product? What if we tell you that you can get it for free! Yes, it will cost you nothing to get such a pen, except for delivery and handling costs. However, you should act quickly to catch this opportunity because it is only available on the first 500 orders.

Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

Aluminum Made Pen

The product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The main benefits of this material are durability and low weight. Also, aluminum is a tough material that does not corrode. It is no wonder that it is even used in aircraft manufacture.


This tactical strike pen comes with a knife, which can be used as both survival and self-defense tools. When it comes to emergencies, a knife can be a great helper since it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting, sharpening, etc.

Bottle Opener

The pen can also work as a bottle opener, a flat-head screwdriver, or a hex wrench. With such a tool, you will be able to open a bottle of beer at any time. Let’s admit it —sometimes, it is very important.

LED Flashlight

You do not have to carry a flashlight with you because you can simply use this pen. It comes with batteries and an ON/OFF switch that allows using it for lighting at any moment. It is really difficult to overestimate the importance of a functional flashlight.

Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

Glass Breaker

You should be prepared for different situations in your life. For instance, you may need to break the emergency glass one day, and how are you going to do that without risking to get injured? Since such a pen has a tungsten tip, you can use it for tasks like this.

Pen with Spare Ink

On the opposite end to the one with a tungsten tip, you will find a ballpoint pen. This means that the tool not only looks like an ordinary pen, you can actually use it as a pen. With such a versatile tool, you will not have to carry a separate pen in your pocket. In case you run out of ink, you can just reload this device with the spare ink that you will also be provided with.

Who Uses This?

If you think that there is a special group of people that can be recommended to use such a product, you are wrong. There is no one. It is suitable for everyone who wants to have a multi-tool that they can use in various emergencies. Whoever you are — a teacher or an engineer, man or woman — this all does not matter. Strike pen is a product for everyone.

Tips For Using It

First of all, you should learn how to use Strikepen. We have prepared a few helpful tips for you that you can find below:

  1. Learn how to use it.
    The very first thing that you should take into account is that using such a pen effectively for self-defense and other purposes requires practicing. It comes with plenty of different features, and you should learn how to switch between them. This is how you will be able to quickly use a certain feature, depending on a situation;
  2. Use it only when needed.
    Such a pen gives you power, but you should use it wisely. It is not a toy or something to use to hurt other people in usual life situations. So, if you are prone to sudden outbursts of anger, then maybe this tool is not for you;
  3. Avoid telling everyone that you have such a tactical pen.
    While it is great to recommend this product to your friends and family members so that they could also opt for that, do not tell too many people. Eventually, one of the best things about this pen is that it looks like a pen, so the attacker would not have a clue of what it really is.
Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

Benefits of Strikepen

The pen comes with plenty of different benefits. Some of them include the following:


It is made of some of the most durable materials. This is a rust-resistant product that you will likely use for many, many years. Just make sure to store it properly to avoid losing it.


Strikepen is a very practical pen that you can use for your day-to-day writing needs. Not only can the device be used as a ballpoint pen, but it also has spare ink. This means that you do not have to purchase and carry a pen because you can use it whenever you need it.


You do not want to kill the attacker when it is unnecessary. Sometimes, it is just enough to make a scratch on his skin to make one run away. At the same time, you do not want him to escape responsibility for his crimes. The pen can be very useful in identification. By using this product, you can simply collect a DNA sample and then provide the investigators with it. You just need to use the blade of the device. As long as some blood of the attacker remains on the blade, the police will be able to use such biological material for tests and identification.

Easy To Use

You may think that it will be difficult to use such a small tool that combines lots of different features. However, it is not so. You just need to practice for some time to learn how everything works. Once that is done, you will be ready to use it without any problems. Also, you will get the device along with clear instructions.

Cost-Saving Tool

The product is available for free for the first 500 buyers. What can be more cost-effective than free products? Indeed, its standard price is $55 or more without shipping costs. In essence, by ordering such a pen, you save lots of money! You will purchase a knife, a pen, a flashlight, and other great features at the same time!

Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?


As for the disadvantages of such a product, they include:

  • You will eventually run out of ink though it may take several years;
  • The LED flashlight won’t work without batteries.Strike Pen Review – Does It Really Work?

About The Creators

The product is created by Ape Survival, a company that has been around since 2014. It sells its affordable yet quality outdoor life products in various

countries, including the USA, Canada, and Australia. The Strikepen is just one of their offerings. In particular, on the website of this company, you will also find the black and original version of the product, both of which are multitools.

Where You Can Buy Strike Pen

If you are interested in buying this versatile Ape strike pen, you can place your order on the official website of ApeSurvival. Such a pen is given away for free, and you will only need to pay delivery costs of about $8. Please note, however, that the number of free strike pens is limited, so you should not miss your chance to get yours.

My Verdict

If you want to feel confident in any situation and like one of the secret service agents, you should opt for this product. It is a brilliant tactical pen that can actually save your life in emergencies.

Since it is available for free at the moment, it will be a risk-free purchase. As long as you are willing to pay a few dollars for delivery, you should opt for this amazing product without any doubt. Remember that the number of free strike pens is limited, so do not miss your chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?

It is a pretty interesting product that you can use for various purposes. Considering that you will only need to pay delivery costs, it is a bargain.

What Material Is Strike Pen Made of?

This product is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This ensures durability. At the same time, it is a pretty lightweight product.

Is Strike Pen a Scam?

It is not a scam for sure. If you still have a chance, you can order this product for free to make sure of its reliability.

What If I Don’t Like Strike Pen?

Well, if you get it for free, you do not pay anything for it. This means that if there is a problem with your purchase, you can just not use it.

Is the Strike Pen Legit

This is a legit product, and you can see this from lots of positive customer reviews. You can order it without any worries.

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