The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?11 min read

May 6, 2020 9 min read
The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?

The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?11 min read

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The Lost Ways Book is a combination of shared knowledge from the Native Americans, and the author’s ancestral family about surviving and adapting during times of crises.

Most of the «dangerous acts» today were the usual way of life in previous times. Especially for millennials, a life without electricity, internet connection, and supermarkets can be quite annoying and boring.

Program TitleThe Lost Ways
AuthorClaude Davis
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Lost Ways Book?

From its name, «Lost Ways» we can picture someone that is stranded, confused, and probably lost in the woods without a compass for directions.

The book comprehensively links the way of life of the ancient man to this present age. It serves as a reminder of the possibility of living and enjoying the previous «alien» skills.

Indeed, man has invented new technologies that have helped extend lifespans and created solutions to various diseases. However, man’s attention has been shifted away from the benefits of nature has made man complacent with too much reliance on the state for survival.

Thus, it is a book that teaches tricks on how to live without modern technological gadgets like electronics, appliances, and mobile phones during trying times.

About the Author

The Lost Ways Book was written by Claude Davis, a survivalist with over 30 experience. He is also an expert and the owner of, one of the top survivalist sites in the world.

The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?
Claude Davis

His grandparents experienced Holodomor, death by human-made hunger, which killed between 2.5 to 7.5 million Ukrainians. They were lucky enough to escape the communist state and immigrate to the United States of America.

He wrote this book from the knowledge he inherited from his grandparents; Davis believes the book will help humanity in future times of crises, war, or famine.

He lives with his wife and kids in a log cabin he built inside the woods and has taught his family how to adapt to challenging times without modern technology.

What Do You Get with the Lost Ways Book – My Review

Before buying the book, you have regular questions you may want the book to answer. Therefore, you read reviews and research what the book entails.

The Lost Ways Book is over 300 pages with a step-by-step guide that covers various areas relevant to man’s survival. Also, there’s a sequel to the book titled The Lost Ways II which expands more on the need for man’s survival.

The situation of the world now requires one to have other surviving skills and life-saving hacks to help when displaced or stranded during the war, famine, or natural disasters.
The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?The hacks shared inside the book centered around the following:

Food recipes

Recipes of Native Americans’ food, rich in vitamins to strengthen the body in times of crisis. Also, how to make survival bark bread, beer, and smokehouse are discussed within the contents.

Furthermore, Claude Davis in Lost Ways II taught how to prepare the «Lost Samurai». The Samurai ate this dish, which is rich in nutrients and probiotics, and lasted for several months.

You’ll also learn the preparation of Lard and how to preserve Meat in Lard by using mason jars for more than two years without refrigeration.

Another superfood recipe you will learn is the recently discovered Astronauts in space mission’s food invented by the Incas over six centuries ago. It was stored in pit holes, could last up to ten years, and helped them survive the drought that killed their southern neighbors.

Housing Tips

Getting a shelter to protect from harsh weather conditions during crises is also an essential factor. Claude explains the technique used by the Native Americans to explain how one can build underground houses big enough to accommodate up to four families in times of crisis.
The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?

Water Storage Tips

Water is a necessity, and it can be scarce in times of war or crises. Claude in this book has explained easy ways on how to dig a well quickly and how to store clean water without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, you will learn how to get purifying charcoal that can clean more than 700 gallons of water.

Tips to Make Traps

Hunting was a popular job in the olden days. Many tools like traps were used then to catch animals for sale and as food. The Lost Ways Book explains how to set traps to kill various animals, especially in the winter, when it’s trying to grow crops. This will ensure man has enough food to sustain and prevent starvation.

Poultices and Medicines Recipes

Before the advent of modern medicines, a man survived on some plants that could be applied to sores – poultices – and natural herbs that can cure primary diseases. This book has a list of such plants and their uses.

Also, Claude being a survivalist uses these natural remedies. He explains how to make activated charcoal, which helps him during ingestion, and how to test for edible plants among the generally termed weed plants.

The Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?


In explaining this, he cites an example of a group of people who traveled for a long time without running out of bullets. Today, this method can be used to preserve bullets in times of crisis; more so, he gives suggestions on things that could be done when weapons are exhausted.

Are There Any Bonuses

Many have asked this question, probably to serve as a bit of encouragement to purchase the book. The author, Claude Davis, having considered these requests, gives three bonuses alongside the book when you purchase it from the official site.

Bonus#1 – What every Survivalist should grow in his backyardThe Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam?

The report contains the essential and most nutritious plants you need to grow to guarantee a constant supply of food. These plants are healthy and sturdy to survive adverse conditions like drought, low light conditions, and excessive flooding. Moreover, you’ll find tips on planting, harvesting, and storing them for an extended period.

Bonus#2 – Building your Own Can Rotation System

This is a Step-by-Step Guide or report to building a personal can rotation system that can contain 700 cans ofThe Lost Ways Review – Does It Book Work Or Scam? various sizes for a long time without them getting spoiled. This system is sound, and it saves time and money. It works in a simple way-when you buy a new can, it is placed last on the back of the shelf.

Afterward, it will automatically roll down, so you get to pick the first can you buy with the closest expiration date. You could get a can rotator at about $420, which is not 100% reliable.

In addition, your purchase is covered by Handshake Money-Back guarantee for 60-days, and unlimited emails to clarify any unknown areas of interest.

Why Should You Buy the Lost Ways Book?

There are indeed many survivalist books available on the Internet, and you may want to know why you should purchase this book:

The Lost Ways Book will teach you to simply in the most cost-effective manner. It is the complete package that shows you how to minimize expenses as you begin a healthy eating diet.

Moreover, the author also uses these survival tips personally. Why not join this group of modern people living a natural life carefree in nature?

The Lost Ways Book – Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for anything on survival tips and programs, then the Lost Ways Book is the best bet for you. Here are some advantages of buying the Lost Ways Book.


  • Affordable.
    The Lost Ways Book is very affordable when compared to its other counterparts in the market. The depth of knowledge and skills shared is more beneficial than the price tag. Besides this, it comes with two reports on other topics, which are also based on survivalist ideas.
  • Covers Major Life Aspects.
    This book doesn’t only just focus on one main life topic; it spams through food, water, housing, medicines, and the storing of bullets. Isn’t this amazing? After reading this book, you’ll have ideas about surviving and thriving in any of these areas, and also get beneficial strategies that can be used for day-to-day living.
  • Easy to Read and Understand.
    The book does not contain ambiguous words and terms that can’t be easily understood by a common man. It is effortless to read and understand since the terms used are quite familiar to man.
  • Helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle.
    Some of the diseases today have their roots in excessive eating of canned and processed food. You may sometimes wonder why the men of old lived to a reasonable age despite all the things they ate and drank. Amazingly simple, they fed on natural things.
    Many of the so-called natural foods have been boosted with fertilizers, thereby changing their status quo. Moreover, some diseases today are cured using natural remedies. This book will teach you all you need to know about natural and healthy living.
  • Surviving Tips.
    You get to know tips on how to mitigate disasters, drought, recession, and many more after reading this book.
  • Saves money and time.
    Since all you need are basic kinds of stuff that can be found around your backyard or walkway, you save a lot of money on food, medicine, and water.
  • 100% tested Facts.
    The tips provided in this book were used by men of old to preserve and save them in times of distress. They are fictional ideas. For example, NASA discovered one of the recipes was used to prepare food by the Incas over six centuries ago.
  • Available in digital and physical format.
    The book doesn’t just come in digital form, but also as a hardcover book, just in case you need it for a future reference or to pass it down as an heirloom.
  • Preservation of the Ecosystem.
    Ecologists have stated that Mother Earth is damaged, and the effects of global warming are more felt because of technological advancements and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. However, with this book, you can successfully switch to original equipment that helps save the Earth.
  • Lastly, the book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
    Claude has promised to return your money if, within two months you regret getting the book.
  • Free Updates.
    Lost Ways offers free updates to stay current with our ever-changing world. As new facts become relevant, you can depend on Lost Ways staying up-to-date on dealing with new aspects of a global crisis.


The book has so many advantages and benefits; however, there are always two sides to every coin. Here are some of the cons:

  1. Needs thorough Understanding.
    You painstakingly need to read and understand hacks provided in the book. You will not learn everything in one day, and you have to take time to gather all the tools needed for the “rainy day.”
  2. The book does not come in audio or video format.
    For people with a busy schedule or people that hate reading, it can be tedious to use.
  3. The book has great market demand, and the hard copies are sometimes out of stock.

My Verdict

If there is any time to learn how to survive crises, it is now This year alone, many have lost their lives due to so many reasons, and almost the whole world is falling apart now because of the pandemic.

Presently, there is an underlying need to prepare for the future. It is important to have access to survival skills in the case of any crisis. So, if you need a book for guidance, check out The Lost Ways Book. Enjoy reading the coveted material and learning survival tips. All facts can be downloaded and stored in a PDF. I hope that my review will be useful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the book Worth Your Money and Time?

Surviving is not an option; it is a necessity. You may need guidance for the next crisis that is coming upon planet earth. Therefore, The Lost Ways Book will provide the essential tips you need – it is worth getting. Moreover, you can read extraordinary survival stories, which is fun stuff.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is. You can return the book within 60-days of purchase if you’re not completely satisfied with the content. Plus, you get access to send emails for clarification when the need arises.

Does the Lost Ways Book Really Work?

Yes, it works. Davis Claude, on his site, gave an example of a woman that has almost finished building her log house with the use of the tips from The Lost Ways Book. He lives in a personally-built cabin house and uses charcoal for indigestion. However, remember that you must contemplate and digest the information well before you make any applications.

The Lost Ways Book – Scam or Not?

While some have seen the beautiful sides of the book, others have said it’s a scam. However, different strokes for different folks. All the hacks may not work for a person, but it is not a scam.

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