Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?11 min read

February 19, 2022 8 min read
Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?11 min read

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This unbiased and comprehensive Old School New Body review will give you in-depth information about this program. If you want to lose some weight and generally improve your health and body condition, you should start doing something about that now.

This does not mean that you should throw away your favorite cookbook and start searching for a magical remedy because what you really need is opting for effective workouts and a dieting plan, such as Keto diet or Anabolic diet. Exercising and dieting are both essential parts of your weight loss strategy.

Another factor that your conditions will depend on is how much time you are willing to dedicate to training. If you perform exercises regularly, you can achieve the desired results. However, not every workout is suitable for everyone. Now, keep reading this review to find out about a great program that has been specially developed for people above 35 years old but which, however, is suitable for everyone to stay healthy and fit.

Program TitleOld School New Body
AuthorSteve Holman, Becky Holman, John Rowley
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is the Old School New Body Program?

Once we reach 40 years old, the aging process speeds up crazily. People start to experience a range of health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, and others. The way they look is also affected.

The Old School New Body is a program that allows staying healthy, energetic, and beautiful. It is based on a ‘resistance workout’ program, which enables your muscles to stay strong while burning extra fat. Each participant in the program will enjoy the following effects:

  • Quick calories burn;
  • Strengthening the joints;
  • Slowing down the aging process;
  • Improving body shape;
  • Increasing muscle mass;
  • Boosting the production of certain hormones.

About the Creator

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?
Steve and Becky Holman – Authors of Old School New Body

The program was created by the Holmans (Steve and Becky) and John Rowley. After the death of Vince Gironda, Steve was going through his stuff when he first got the idea about the principles of the future program. During his life, Holman has written plenty of articles and books on fitness, dieting, weight loss. He has been lifting weights since he was young, but the significant results were achieved by him when he started to follow the F4X workouts.

You can also see the effectiveness of the program from Becky Holman’s look. She started her training when she was over 40 years old. The transformation of her body was really amazing.

How Does The Program Work?

It is quite a challenging task to lose weight and start looking much younger. As we age, we lose muscle mass, which affects our ability to burn fat. Thanks to the program, you will gain lean muscles, which will also result in greater calorie burn.

The program consists of easy-to-follow workouts, which involve intense muscle work. However, you should not think that easy instructions mean no effort. You will have to work hard to achieve the results.

As for your eating habits, you will be able to alter them in a stress-free way to lose weight quickly. Basically, you will need to avoid consuming carbs and refined foods.

Wherever you exercise according to the program (at the gym, at home, etc.), you will need to perform resistance training. It is the main idea in this plan. Opting for such a program will be a breakthrough in your life, so do not hesitate.

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?

Who Is the Old School New Body for?

This program is great for anyone who wants to achieve the following goals:

  • Lose weight;
  • Look several years younger;
  • Increase lean muscles;
  • Improve their look.

It is suitable for both men and women. Since exercises cause little stress on joints, the workouts are good for all ages.

What Is Included in the Old School New Body?

Now, let’s go through every component that you will get within the program:


You will get an ebook in the PDF format that you can quickly download. It has 101 pages, and each chapter contains specific information and instructions. You will find the introduction to the program, diet recommendations, and workouts. Those who want more challenge can follow the Advanced Training of F4X.

The F4X Quick-Workout Start Guide

It is a summary of the program that allows you to get to exercises right away without having to read all the pages. Just choose the body type that you aim to have and begin doing the workouts.

The Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret

You will find helpful tips and tricks on weight loss. It reveals the secrets on which foods are recommended. Also, you will find out why sleeping naked is useful for your body and which dessert can help you speed up your metabolism.

The Ultimate Muscle-Building Secret

It is important to build lean muscle, and you will be provided with clear instructions on that. Those include effective workouts, information on fruits that can help in an increase of muscle mass, recommendations on food to increase the amount of testosterone, and more.

The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secret

This program is also great for those who want to improve their sexual life and fight aging. You will find helpful info on how to reduce wrinkle lines, recommendations on how to extend your life, improve your sleep, and more.

The Ultimate Happiness and Health Secret

Not only will you find out how to improve your physical condition, but also psychological. You will be given helpful recommendations on happy living. This is how you will be able to fight depression, bad mood, and other problems.

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?

Old School New Body Bonus Guides

What Is The “F4X Training System”?

This program is about boosting hormone and testosterone growth naturally, which is important for everyone. You can actually pick a variation of F4X, depending on your goal. Regardless of which option you choose, your workouts will consist of about five or more exercises.

The F4X Lean Workout

If you are a beginner, you will need to go through a lifting plan first. You will be training three times per week for about 30 minutes. You will be using dumbbells or bodyweight alternatives.

The F4X Shape Workout

This workout will allow you to train all your muscle groups. You will still need to do exercises three times a week. You will find a wide range of exercises, some of which are done with barbells.

F4X All-Dumbbell Workout

It is also about training with dumbbells. You will be working on specific muscle groups. While the number of reps is similar, the workouts are different than those in the previous sections.

Advanced F4X Build Workout

You will also get an advanced program. It is only for experienced gym users. You will find many different exercises with little rest. The plan includes workouts with dumbbells, gym machines, and other equipment.

Cardio Training

While cardio is recommended, it is not required. An ideal option is to moderate intensity cardio exercises. So, such activity as biking can be included.

Old School New Body Diet

You will find well-explained diet principles. It is not a nutrition plan for every day, but helpful guidelines on what to eat with examples. For instance, you will be recommended to stick to a high-protein diet and supplements.

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

It is pretty popular among athletes. In the program, you will find recommendations to take it in the form of capsules. These amino acids are expected to reduce muscle stress and enhance muscle growth.


This supplement will decrease cortisol levels. Known as the stress hormone, it can affect muscle growth. Thanks to phosphatidylserine, the level of cortisol can be kept under control.

Caffeine and L-Carnitine

Caffeine has a proven ability to burn fat the same as L-carnitine. Therefore, those two are recommended for daily use for weight loss.

Benefits of Old School, New Body

Below, you will find the list of great benefits that you can enjoy by purchasing Old School New Body.

Excellent Value For Money

It will only cost you $20 to get amazing recommendations on workouts, dieting, and happy living. The value of money is really awesome!

Developed by experienced and real experts

The materials have been prepared by real experts with years of experience. They know exactly what is needed to achieve the desired result. Just look at the authors to see yourself how amazing they look!

Best-suited for anyone of any age

While this program is a real saver for those turning 40 years old, it is great for everyone. Also, it is suitable for men and women who want to look young and fresh. You will find a great range of workouts with weights of various types.

Concise and easy

While there is a lot of unnecessary information about the life of the Holmans, all the recommendations, instructions, and workouts are provided in a clear and simple way, which means they are easy to read and follow.

Old School New Body – Does It REALLY Work for You?

Takes very little time

It will not take you much time to complete workouts. Their duration ranges from about 30 minutes to less than an hour. Also, you can do the exercises at your own pace. This means that you should be able to spare some time on training to improve your life.

Many Relatable Success Stories

You will find lots of great stories about the effectiveness of the program and how it changed people’s lives. All of them are ordinary people with a busy life. You can go through their reviews to get inspiration for yourself.

Money-back guarantee

All quality products come with a money-back guarantee, such as Old School, New Body. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask for a full refund within the next 2 months. Such a great guarantee is one of the reasons why the product comes with so high ratings.

Downsides of Old School, New Body

The disadvantages of this program include:

  • It may take time to see the results and they may vary;
  • There is no video content;
  • It is only a digital product;
  • Some unnecessary information included.

How Much Does the Guide Cost?

The price of this absolutely amazing program is only $20. For this money, you will get lots of helpful recommendations from experts on weight loss, staying young, and living a happy life. Additionally, you will have a 60-day refund guarantee, so it is a risk-free purchase.

My Verdict

Based on everything written above, I can conclude that Old School New Body is a great program that everyone should try one day. Its price is relatively low especially taken into account the fact that you also get an opportunity at any time convenient for you.

While all the materials come in digital format, which may be a problem for some people, you will not have to pay for any delivery, store the product somewhere, and worry about losing it. It is a comprehensive guide on every single aspect to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

Considering that it also comes with a money-back guarantee that you can use at any time within the next two months, you can purchase this program with no worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better than other training programs? Why?

Yes, this program is better than similar guides. The readers admit that it describes safer and more effective workouts suitable for everyone. In particular, the weights that you will need to use are minimal. At the same time, it gives you a good cardio effect.

Does the Old School, New Body Work? If So, How?

It helps improve your body shape in many ways, including the following: • Lowering the risk of most diseases; • Preventing bone loss due to aging; • Enhancing metabolism; • Stimulating the production of the growth hormone; • Providing other positive effects.

Is It Worth Your Money and Effort?

Considering a low price and great effects that you can achieve using this program, it is surely worth paying money. Remember that you can opt for a money-back guarantee within the next two months, so there is no risk of losing your money for nothing.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, you can test the program for 60 days to make sure that it is effective. If you are not 100% happy with the result, you can ask for a full refund.

Old School, New Body – Scam or Not?

According to the testimonials of lots of happy customers, the program helped them in improving body shape and their general health conditions. Therefore, you can be sure that it is as advertised.

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